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Your Re-Exam Process During the Rescue Phase of Care

On your next visit we will be going over your Re-Exam results. Please make sure to review the videos below so that we can dive right into your individual results during your appointment.

In the Rescue Phase of care, it is truly all about CHANGE. We do not care if your numbers go up or down, we just want to see them CHANGE. We are starting to make small little changes in your neurology and your scans should reflect this.

Our main focus is to begin getting an idea of how your body is responding to treatment and look for your new neurological patterns. Symptoms may be going up and down during this phase of care and that is okay, as everyone responds differently. We are here to monitor the process along the way and help with anything that may come up.

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We look forward to seeing you on your next visit.

- The Wellness Path Team

The Re-Exam Process

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