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What is a subluxation?

The S-word. It is a fancy word. One that may have a different definition depending on who you ask. It is what the Chiropractors at The Wellness Path look for and adjust every day. In order to give our definition of a subluxation, we are going to break down the word.

“Sub-” = below, “lux” = light or life, and “-ation” = state of being or condition. So we put that all together, what does it mean to have a subluxation? It means that you are in a state of being in which you are expressing less light or life.

When you have a subluxation it minimizes your potential. When you get an adjustment and get rid of those subluxations it allows you to grow closer to, or achieve, your full potential.

If you have a subluxation, you cannot express 100% of the light or life that you have to give to the world.

This why we commonly hear things such as more energy, better sleep, less anxiety, and better moods as practice members undergo care and we begin to get rid of subluxations. It is not just simply about pain, but rather allowing you to shine your light and be your best self every single day.


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