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What Does C1 Control?

Each and every area of your spine is critically important to your health, but the very top, specifically the C1 vertebra, is able to make a strong case for the most important area. This area is so important, that there are 30+ different chiropractic techniques that only focus on this specific area.

This area is so spatially so closely related to the brainstem, it plays a major role in its function. The brainstem is involved in your hormone regulation, digestion, reproduction, mood, energy levels, and so much more. If C1 is not functioning properly, neither are any of these system in your body!

C1 is also the on/off switch to your immune system and the command center for what information goes up to the brain and from the brain down to the body as your feedback system in your body continually regulate everything from digestion to temperature.

The nerves around C1 also play a role in everything that goes on in and around your face. Eyes, ears, nose, sinuses, you name it – the innervation to all these areas come from the C1 region.

Last but not least, C1 is a key contributor to your parasympathetic nervous system. This part of your nervous system is your “rest and digest” side as opposed to your sympathetic “fight or flight.” Making sure your parasympathetic system is strong in order for optimal healing, growth, and development to occur.

As you can see, C1 functioning properly is a must in order to achieve optimal health!


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