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Waterlemon Kids - La Grange, IL

Waterlemon La Grange (retail area)

Waterlemon La Grange (retail area)

Why we love it A unique concept located right in the heart of downtown La Grange, Waterlemon gives you the opportunity to shop, eat, and play all under one roof! Waterlemon’s main attraction (in our opinion) is their beautifully styled play area for kids 5 and under. Not only are there all sorts of fun toys and slides, but there is also a rebounder for the kids, which we have at our chiropractic office, too!

Hours: Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Rates: Day Pass First Child $12, Second Child $10, Additional $8. Five-visit and monthly passes are also available.

Kids Friendly? This is the definition of kid friendly!

Weekends: Waterlemon is available for rent for parties and events on the weekends. If the play area is not rented for the weekend, Waterlemon will announce available play hours via social media on Fridays.

Kids Play Area at Waterlemon in La Grange

Kids Play Area at Waterlemon in La Grange

Where to Follow Along:

Social Media: Instagram and Facebook – @waterlemonkids


25 South La Grange Road, Unit A

La Grange, Illinois, 60525

Phone: 708-286-6747

Fax: 708-240-5035


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Play Area at Waterlemon Kids La Grange

Play Area at Waterlemon Kids La Grange

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