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Wait Until You Are 45 to Have Your Teeth Checked...

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It is easier to work with healthy kids than to repair damaged adults.  When you let a problem persist for a long period of time, the amount of work and repair that is needed can be extensive.  I want you to think of not having your teeth checked for 45 years.  When you are 45 years old, this is when you finally go to a dentist and have your teeth checked.  What do you expect to see?  Healthy teeth?  Minor problems?  Major problems?

The key thing is, you don’t know until you get checked out.  And most of the time, you are going to have issues with your teeth.

When it comes to our spine and our nervous system, many people wait until around the age of 45 years old to have their spine/nervous system checked.  Do you think it will be in an optimal state?  Do you think your nervous system will be communicating with your body with no problems?  Are you going to have healthy discs, spine (vertebral bodies), posture, etc.?

Just like your teeth not being checked for the first 45 years of your life, your spine will be somewhat along the same lines.  This is why it is so crucial to be checked as soon as birth.

Why?  Well, research shows that 95% of infants born will have some sort of misalignments in their cervical (neck) spine that will affect their nervous system/immune system.  When an infant is being checked, we can clear things out very quickly to help their nervous system and spine function better so they can stay in the growth and development state of the brain more as they were designed to be.  From there, the maintenance/wellness/proactive care that is provided for them, is very easy to maintain and keep them healthier.  Here are the top 10 reasons why parents take their children to the chiropractor.


Contact us today to have your child and/or yourself checked to see how Chiropractic care can help improve your health on all levels and allow you to be the best version of you every single day.

Dr. Vic Manzo

Pediatric/Family Wellness Chiropractor

Mindful/Neuroscience Trainer

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