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US is Worst in Health

A study was done by CommonWealth that looked at the top 11 industrialized nations and where do you think the US stacked up against these countries?  Hint: the title gives it away.  America ranked dead last in health.  And yet, we spend more than any other country when it comes to healthcare.  So, are we truly getting the best healthcare in the world?  Based upon this study, not even close.

But, this is just one study.  The World Health Organization came out with a study determining the health status of a country.  In the top 42 industrialized nations, where do you think America ranked?  Well, if you are starting to catch on to the theme here, it is not dead last, but pretty close to it.  America ranked 37th out of 42 industrialized nations.  This is almost dead last.  This means we were only better than 12% of the countries on that list.  This also means, 88% of the list ranked better than where the US was.

Why do you think this is?  Why are we so low?  Why are we not higher?

Truth be told, the medical system when it comes to health is failing us or some experts say, “already has.”

Check out the video for more on this topic.

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