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The Truth on Coconut Oil

Washington Post, Rockefeller University, USA Today and other big name newspaper outlets are coming out and talking about how coconut is not health and some have claimed it has never been healthy.

I decided to create a vlog about this topic and wanted to share a few things debunking the pseudo-science that is being shared on these networks today.

I also encourage you to do your research and make a decision that you feel is best.


Coconut oil increases LDL which is the “bad” cholesterol.


Yes it does.  But the LDL that is raised and created is a better quality LDL.  The second thing about LDL is, without it, you could not produce or create any hormones nor vitamin D and much more.  So, it is about the quality of your LDL and coconut oil definitely improves the quality of your LDL.


Coconut oil cannot be good for weight loss because it is very high in fat which means extra calories.


Counting calories has been proven time and time again to not work and be inefficient when it comes to weight loss and monitoring one’s weight.  The biggest reason is because of how the body breaks down fats vs proteins vs carbohydrates.  Your body has to work harder to break down fats vs carbohydrates and it gets even more complicated when we start talking simple carbohydrates vs complex, long chain fatty acids vs medium chain fatty acids, etc.


No brain benefits to help an individual with Alzheimer’s or other brain/neurological related issues.


Saturated fats actually are highly beneficial to brain health and overall health.  Many cardiologists are coming out and stating how they were wrong with their assumption that saturated fats are bad for one’s heart health and overall health.  For more information on this topic from one cardiologist, take a look at Dr. Perlmutter’s work and his book called, “Grain Brain.”  Another great cardiologist who breaks this all down is Dr. Jack Wolfson and he is known as the Paleo Cardiologist.

Many myths are shared about health and from my experiences, many companies, Universities, etc., that are funded by big pharma’s work, doesn’t want you to know the truth on health but rather keep you confused.

Back in 1992, the low-fat movement started and 20+ years later, we have seen more heart disease, cancer and skyrocketing cases of diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Dementia cases.

Any questions or more information you would like, just comment below or click here to contact me.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Vic

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