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The Importance of the Microbiome

Microbiome is a fancy word. You may have heard of it before. You may have heard of probiotics.

The microbiome is over 750 trillion bacterial cells that exist not only within us but also on our skin. This microbiome is critical to your health and we could not exist without it. It is a mutually beneficial relationship between us and those 750 trillion bacterial cells.

It helps us with vitamin production in the gut, skin health, internal throat health, eye health, brain health, and so much more.

Due to this, we need to make sure that our microbiome is thriving and healthy in order for us to be thriving, healthy, and live the life we want to live. The microbiome, immune system, and nervous system are intimately connected and the three most vital systems in your body.

If you want more information about how we make sure our practice members have health microbiome, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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