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The Birth of Chiropractic

It was September 18th, 1895 in Davenport, Iowa, and the world would never be the same…

On this day, DD Palmer, the first ever Chiropractor, adjusted a man by the name of Harvey Lillard in hopes of helping restore his healing.

Lillard had been complaining that he had been losing his hearing and was nearly deaf at this point. Palmer asked if he could try something, as he though he may be able to help. Lillard agreed and then received the first ever chiropractic adjustment!

Low and behold, after a few more adjustments his hearing starting to come back.

How is this possible? A chiropractic adjustment removes interference from the nervous system so that the brain and body can communicate effectively and function properly. Removing interference via the chiropractic adjustment improved Lillard’s function and was able to restore his hearing and optimal function, allowing him to be his best self!

So chiropractic is not only used for back pain, neck pain, and headaches but rather to enhance the function of your body! When we improve the function of your body, all sorts of “symptoms” all of a sudden disappear.


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