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Safety Pin Cycle

You all have seen a safety pin before. The top and bottom are connected on each side. For this example, the top is your brain and the bottom is your body. Signals travel from you brain down to your body and then circle around back up to your brain.

This never ending cycle of information allows your brain and body to communicate constantly about everything going on in your body and around you in your environment. This feedback system functioning correctly is essential for optimal health. This system allows you to adapt correctly to all of the physical, chemical, and mental emotional stressors or stimuli in your life.

When you experience too much stress over time, the body cannot adapt correctly, and a subluxation is created. This subluxation is a brake in the cycle, as if the safety pin has been unlocked. The feedback system from brain to body and back up to brain is not longer functioning the way it should and this can cause any number os symptoms if left this way.

As chiropractors, we remove that subluxation and interference and reconnect the safety pin so the brain and body can communicate efficiently and everything functions at 100%.

Your nervous system is always learning so if there is a miscommunication it is going to learn from that, stay in that pattern, and learn how to adapt to life with that miscommunication until it is removed. It is important we keep the connection at all time so you can live your optimal life!

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