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Reviews for The Wellness Path

Improvements in My Physical, Mental and Emotional Health

Came for the pain relief; stayed for the health & wellness!

“I began my journey with Dr. Vic & Veronica in October after hurting my lower back. After a few visits, my back pain has lessened but I was already seeing other benefits from the adjustments and brain & body work (in-office exercises). I’m now entering into my 3rd month with the team at Wellness Path and have seen improvements in my physical, mental and emotional health. Dr. Vic truly cares about my overall health and partnering with me on this journey. They are so attentive and share tips and ideas every visit depending on my questions.

The whole team is truly passionate about my success and supporting me with my health & wellness goals…and from what I can tell, that’s how they make every patient feel as evidenced by the awesome and positive atmosphere they have created.


Amy D.

Warm and Welcoming

They pay attention to details and we absolutely love it!

“Aria, my 2 1/2 year old, has been seeing Dr. Vic for over 6 months. I have seen so many great changes in her. I can cut her nails or brush her hair without tears. She is a lot happier since we have found these incredible Chiropractors! They are both great to talk to about any questions you have regarding your little one. Everyone at the facility is very warm and welcoming to both of us. It is very kid friendly even in the bathroom. They pay attention to details and we absolutely love it!”

Candice M.

Passionate, Energetic, and Selfless

I wish every chiropractic office was like The Wellness Path.

“I honestly can’t wait any longer to write a testimonial for The Wellness Path. We crossed paths in the summer after I finished my undergraduate degree, where I joined The Wellness Path Team as their intern before I started chiropractic school. I was a team member for a few short months, but I become a practice-member (and they became family) for life.

I didn’t have the typical “problems” you would expect from someone seeking chiropractic care (I never had back pain), and the Wellness Path taught me that’s not what chiropractic is all about! Chiropractic is about finding the interferences in your spine and removing them so you can live to your optimal potential. Your brain and spinal cord send information to every single cell in your body! If your brain and body aren’t communicating properly, anything can go awry – from neck pain, to stomach aches, to chronic ear infections (to name a few).  Dr. Vic will literally do all he can to free your body from these miscommunications, and lead you to the best you can be.

I am honored to learn almost every day from The Wellness Path. All of the team members are passionate, energetic, and selfless. Dr. Vic cares for my chiropractic journey both as a student and as a patient, and I have never experienced such genuine compassion from any professionals in the world.

If I had to wrap a testimonial in one sentence, I’d say: “I wish every chiropractic office was like The Wellness Path.” It smells good (seriously, the essential oils can change your mood right when you walk in), makes you feel valued and at home (I’m often tempted to take my shoes off when I walk in), and never lets you down.

I could go for pages about my Wellness Path journey, but I’ll tell you one thing – add The Wellness Path to your life. Be patient, trusting, and excited – you will never regret it.

Thank you to Dr. Vic, Veronica, Nicole, and everyone in between.”

Liron S.

Helpful and Kind

Love the whole team at The Wellness Path

“Dr. Vic is one of the few people I trust with the health of my nervous system. Not only are they knowledgeable; but they also care a great deal for each one of their patients. I saw both doctors consistently throughout my entire pregnancy. The prenatal care I received not only helped me manage my symptoms of SPD but also allowed me to have a successful home birth. My birth and recovery were easier this time around (4 hour labor with no back labor) and I attribute a large part of that to their care. Veronica and Stephanie are amazing and always helpful and kind. Love the whole team at The Wellness Path!”



The knowledge, care, and entire staff of the facility is awesome!

“I experienced an injury to one of my arms and after visiting a sports medicine doctor at Rush, i was advised to let it rest and ice it up. After a month of no improvement, i decided to restart chiropractic care at Wellness path. I have been attending for the last 7 months and not only has my arm pain disappeared, but I have been feeling better and more energized. The knowledge, care, and entire staff of the facility is awesome! They also provide a massage therapist that I strongly recommend to try out!”

Victor S.

Cannot Say Enough Good Things

I don’t use any antacids and haven’t in over a year!

“I cannot say enough good things to people about Dr. Vic. I never thought at 31 I’d solve my Gastro Esophageal Reflux disease, heartburn, LPR, stutter, Arthritic pain, Gastritis, stress, at a chiropractor’s office. When I first came to Dr. Vic I was slowly removing gluten and grains from my diet after a delayed food sensitivity testing revealed I was reacting to it. Changing my diet helped but not enough. I was living with many symptoms and new ones appearing all the time such as neck pain, numbness on one side of my face if I can drank artificial sweeteners, IBS, dimming of light in vision and other auto immune disease-like symptoms. The symptoms scared me and I had no idea what was going on in my body. Dr. Vic walked me through the process of getting my body back to being able to handle the stressors of life with less severity and duration of symptoms.

Before coming to Dr. Vic I lost 30 pounds because the heartburn was so bad I was afraid to eat. When I didn’t have heartburn I had gastritis that burned for hours. I also went through so many herbs and concoctions from Amazon that were supposed to help. I was having expensive tests done at the gastroenterologists with no answers for my symptoms just antacids. The quality of my life was so poor. I was afraid to lie down or my throat would be on fire I began to consider fundoplication surgery and other throat surgery which has a high failure rate. It was no way to live. I’m so glad I found this place and the support for a healthy lifestyle they provide aids me in my new healthy lifestyle to keep me living the best lifestyle I can to take care of my kids and myself. The investment was worth all the money spent at gastroenterologists doing endoscopies and filling prescriptions for medicines that didn’t work. I don’t use any antacids and haven’t in over a year! Thank you guys so much!

Note: I’ve been to other chiropractors and the method that is used here is the only I’ve found that helps with stress, stutter, IBS, and gastro issues. Just thought I’d mention this because I did try and it was very clear that I needed to keep seeing Dr. Vic.”

Veronica C.

I Cried With Joy

I can say “Namaste” again

“HAPPY THANKSGIVING! For this Thanksgiving, I am beyond grateful that I can say “Namaste” again, all thanks to Dr. Vic,  and The Wellness Path staff.

For 3 years, I suffered from pain in my tailbone. I could barely sit at the movie theatre or restaurants, let alone the car rides on the way to work. I tried physical therapy, different chiropractic¬ treatment, and cranial-sacral therapy, none of which resulted in permanent improvement. In July 2019, searing spinal pain landed me in the hospital where I was diagnosed with “muscle spasms”, for which I would need to take medication for the rest of my life. Later MRI revealed bulging discs, which anybody would immediately approach with surgery.

On that day, my journey with The Wellness Path began. My three goals were: to return to yoga, to gain positive energy, and to be free of pain. Now, I practice yoga 3-4 times per week. I cried with joy as I stepped into class in disbelief that I was finally able to step on my mat again. I am finally managing long hours of work, without any pain. Chiropractic treatment not only affects the body, but your inner energy, which affects your work, creativity and lifestyle.

I’m not going to lie, coming to an appointment after a long drive is a challenge, but it always feels like home. The care of The Wellness Path gives you confidence and you they care about something which is more important than anything else in your life: your Health.

Thank you, Wellness Path.

Olga S.

Happier and More Content

They great resources for learning how to live a healthy lifestyle if you so choose.

“I ‘dabbled’ with chiropractic care since having my 3rd child in 2015 and went to a couple different places. After having my fourth child in 2017, who was my third colicky child, I knew I needed to commit to this change. Over a course of about a month my baby was happier and more content. Took the plunge with myself and 3 other children and have not been happier. We are overall healthier and combat the common cold with ease and speed unlike prior to being a part of this practice. My kids love coming for visits and it is like Dr. Vic, Veronica and all the staff at The Wellness Path are a part of our family. They great resources for learning how to live a healthy lifestyle if you so choose. Highly recommend The Wellness Path!”

Liz F.

Pain has Subsided

I feel as though I get healthier each day.

“Dr. Vic does an excellent job of explaining the process and steps of how one can live a healthier life. For me personally, I’ve gone through ups and downs of having back pain and dealing with stress. With their help, pain has subsided and I feel as though I get healthier each day. I would warn that it must be remembered they are not miracle workers and that improvement of health is gradual and not overnight!”

Bobby K.

Incredible Results

The level of care I have been receiving for the past six months has been a complete game changer for me.

“I absolutely cannot say enough fantastic things about this office. The level of care I have been receiving for the past six months has been a complete game changer for me. I have been living with severe back and neck pain for the last 25 years. I’ve seen multiple orthopedic doctors, physical therapists and Chiropractors over that time span. During that time, I had some great days and not so great days living with and managing my pain level, which was consistently at least a 6 or 7 out of 10. This last year and a half or so were the toughest on me, I was being treated a minimum of once a week and barely staying afloat. I was not getting better, but also not living with unbearable pain, I just wasn’t seeing the results I desperately wanted.

I had slowly started to give up hope that I could ever be pain free and not live in constant fear of hurting myself. At my lowest point about six months ago, I was on a phone call with Laser Spine Institute, in tears, contemplating the surgery I swore I’d never have. It was a very low point for me regarding my journey with the pain and multiple spine issues I had lived with for so long. Words do not express how glad I am and fortunate I feel never having followed through with the consultation. By divine timing and equally divine intervention some truly amazing people came into our lives that shared the best team of Chiropractic care and massage therapist I have ever come across. Believe me when I tell you, I’ve seen them all! In a matter of weeks, my pain and symptoms started to lessen, and some completely subsided. Within three months, I felt so good; I was now faced with the thought and prospect of being able to work out again, which was incredibly exciting and terrifying at the same time.

It had been over two years since rupturing a disc and my shutting down of all physical activity. Years without being able to mentally as well as physically attempt such a thing were my reality. The amount of fear and anxiety just at the very thought of physical activity was very challenging to face. None of which I have had to face alone, because the level of care at The Wellness Path doesn’t stop at just the physical.

I guess I didn’t even realize how much the amount of physical pain I was living with was directly affecting my life and overall mood until I finally got a break from it. It was my “normal” and what I lived with every day. I have seen some incredible results since starting treatment and even have full days pain free. I’m 100% confident when I say, that none of this would be possible without the care I’ve received from Dr. Vic and my massage therapist Nicole over the last six months. I could not be happier with my progress and am thrilled to be re-writing my story. That story is going to have a much different ending, where my pain no longer defines me. I no longer must live with the daily physical and emotional pain of not being able to lift my children without the fear of injuring myself. I can tell you; it sure feels incredible to say those words and I can’t thank them enough.”

James L.

Forever Grateful

[WE] have seen drastic changes in our health.

“My children and I all go to see Dr. Vic and have seen drastic changes in our health. I knew chiropractic care in the past as an immediate fix for back or neck pain, but at The Wellness Path it is so much more!

Alex, who is my youngest at 2 yrs old, has had ear infections monthly for at least a year and being put on antibiotics each time. I am not someone that believes in taking antibiotics unless absolutely necessary but when you see your child in pain and are told by the doctor it is the only thing that will help you do it. Well with all the infections it had caused scar tissue which lead him to not hear correctly. I was told we needed to put tubes in his ears to stop the infections and help him hear better. I at that time looked for other options. I was not ready to have my son go under anesthesia; I personally was not comfortable with the risks. We started working with Dr. Vic and he has not had one single ear infection since and no sign of scar tissue!! He is now also speaking so much more and much clearer.

My daughter Kylee, 10 years old, had headaches at least 4-5 times a week from stress and over thinking, not to mention her inability to sit still in school. Those headaches have stopped, except for very occasional ones, and she seems more relaxed and able to focus easier.

I am forever grateful for this amazing practice and if you and your family’s health and well-being is important then make your appointment now!”

Cheryl B.

Extremely Patient

Extremely pleased with the results we have seen thus far.

“Dr. Vic is fantastic with both our children (5 mo and 2.5 yo) and have been extremely pleased with the results we have seen thus far. The practice is very accommodating to young families and is extremely patient with our kids. Highly recommend!”

Matthew H.

So Thankful

I seriously can’t say enough about this journey we are on.

“One week out of each month, for seven months straight, I witnessed my baby girl scream in pain from another ear infection. It was back to the pediatrician we went for more antibiotics each time- She was only One year old. I was frustrated, heartbroken for her & worried as a new Mom, especially because I was in the field of health & wellness myself. When I posted on Social Media that I was considering getting tubes in her ears I quickly had moms from all over sharing their experiences. One Mom in particular swore by Chiropractic care. I was skeptical, but I figured I could look into it & maybe even get my lower back checked out. It had been bothering me from pregnancy & a C-section.

So I finally started to research Chiropractors in my area. I spoke to Veronica over the phone at The Wellness Path. It was that one friendly conversation followed by consultation that made me realize they were going to be the most accommodating to our needs. Since February, we have dedicated our health journey to their practice 3 times a week. I have never experienced anything like our time with Dr. Vic and his wife, Veronica. Their practice is AMAZING – From the moment we walked in the door they have gone above and beyond & treated us like family. On top of that I have seen STRIDES in Ava that are beyond what we expected. She hugs her Doctor and talks about going to “his house” like he is our friend. Her digestion has done a 180. And her monthly chronic ear infections became non-existent. Developmentally she is sleeping better, eating better and just a happier kid all around.

I’m even going for myself. My digestion has improved. My anxiety has lessened. I sleep better. My vision at night has even improved. And as I mentioned earlier on, I had some lower back pain with pregnancy and C-section – All that pain has now subsided. What I learned this year is that Chiropractic care isn’t just about back and neck pain. Their practice in particular helps you be your BEST self by restoring the communication pathways between your brain and your body. Each visit and adjustment I feel better. We even get updates on our progress- Dr Vic is so educated and backs everything he does with facts & research. It’s not Mumbo jumbo. All around the world people know the things he shares, unfortunately most of it is new or foreign in America. My favorite part is that medicine cabinet has been completely transformed from syrups, antibiotics, Tylenol, IBUPROFEN to Colloidal Silver, probiotics, CBD products, raw holistic supplements and essential oils.

I’m very thankful as a new parent to know I have more options than JUST my pediatrician. Of course they are essential to a child’s upbringing, but Holistic Chiropractic health care was never something I considered because I thought you had to be a real freakin hippie Mom, but I was wrong. I’m so thankful my family now has this outlet. He, Veronica and their team are all stellar individuals. I have and would recommend their care to anyone who is the slightest bit curious or struggling with their own child’s health at any capacity. I seriously can’t say enough about this journey we are on. And it’s JUST the beginning!”

Carly S.

So Welcoming

We love The Wellness Path

“Dr. Vic and his staff are so welcoming and have become part of our family’s weekly routine! Dr. Vic adjusted me throughout my second pregnancy and helped to flip our little one after we found out he was breech. Dr. Vic performed specific adjustments to target the baby’s position and after two weeks he was head down again! He has an incredible energy and is a phenomenal resource for myself as a parent and a fitness instructor! We love The Wellness Path!”

Carly M.

Completely Changed Our Lives for the Better

We couldn’t have made a better decision

“Dr. Vic and his staff at The Wellness Path completely changed our lives for the better since becoming patients. As first time parents we sought out treatment for our very colicky 2.5 month old who wouldn’t sleep cried for hours every day and couldn’t be calmed. I was tired of being told by our pediatrician that she would grow out it and it was ‘normal’ for her to cry for prolonged hours.

I was a bit hesitant at first but Dr. Vic thoroughly explained what her scans revealed and what type of treatment she would be receiving. Within about two weeks of visits we saw a dramatic shift in her overall energy. She not only was regulated, but she was no longer inconsolable and actually started taking extra long naps immediately after her appointments. She has now been a patient for almost eight months and she has never had a cold, fever, ear infection or needed a doctor’s visit since becoming a patient. She absolutely loves getting adjusted and usually dances or claps afterwards.

After seeing what treatment did for our daughter, my husband and I decided that it would be beneficial to both go as well. It’s a commitment we made for our health and overall wellness and we couldn’t have made a better decision.

Dr. Vic provides you with the tools and education for you to optimize your mind, body and soul!”

Monica T.

The Best Resource

We couldn’t be happier with our experience

“My son, Adrian started chiropractic care at 4 weeks of age. Although we heard of the benefits of chiropractic care, it wasn’t until we saw our new born suffer from digestion and skin issues that we decided to invest in his well-being. This singlehandedly has been the most impactful and rewarding investment we could have ever made for our son. Since the start of his care, Adrian had shed all of his digestion issues and is developing beautifully. While his physical improvements are obvious and measurable, his happy and calm demeanor is immeasurable.

At 5 months of age, Adrian knows when he is going to get adjusted and isn’t shy about expressing his excitement in the process. Though the next phase in our child’s development can be daunting, teething, we know we have the best resource in The Wellness Path to surpass this phase.

We appreciate how accessible Dr. Vic is to his patients and appreciate the resources and knowledge he shares. Veronica is outstanding at all she does and appreciates the attention and effort she puts at making us feel valued. As parents we are committed to see our son receive the best and while at The Wellness Path we know that we are receiving just that. We couldn’t be happier with our experience and look forward to a lifetime of care for our son.”

Diana E.
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