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More Reviews for The Wellness Path

One of the Best Decisions I Ever Made

There are not enough words to express my gratitude.

“I just want everyone to know how much better I feel physically and mentally since I’ve seen Dr. Vic.
I started going to Dr. Vic because I had a bone density test done and the result were not very good, my doctor.

Told me that he wanted to put me on medications to prevent osteoporosis later in life but taking medications had bad side affect that would have been worst for my body taking them long term and I also was taking medication for high Cholesterol.

I talked to my daughter and she told me to see Dr. Vic.

When I talked to Dr. Vic I told him what was going on with my health and the stress in my life, the first thing he told me no worries, I can fix it with the right treatment, the right vitamins and if I would work hard on how to manage my stress and i had to learn how to teach my brain how to handle everyday problems.

Well I want you to know I’m not on medication for my cholesterol anymore I learning on how to handle stress, before I started to see Dr. Vic it seemed like I was caring around a 100 lb weight on my neck and shoulders, now that feeling is gone. I have a better attitude I look at life much different I’m happier and I don’t sweat the little things anymore.

Last but not least every time I go in Veronica always greet you with a smile. There’s never a time that I have a question and they don’t have the answer and if they don’t know they will go out of their way to find it so they can give me the right answer.

The day that I saw Dr. Vic was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Thank you for giving me my health back. There are not enough words to express my gratitude”

Anna C.

I Love the Office Environment

I can’t thank them enough!

“I started taking my 14 month old daughter (now 16 month old) to see Dr. Vic for chronic constipation. My daughter would go 7-10 days without pooping and when she would go it would be a very painful event! Before seeing Dr. Vic we tried everything for constipation like her eating prunes everyday to different kinds of juices and buying every kind of sippy cup/bottle just to try to get her to drink more liquid. I also had to give her multiple suppositories which everyone knows is not fun. After seeing her pediatrician twice for her constipation issues and getting no results and being told I should start her on medication for constipation, I went back home and did some research and found Dr. Vic’s office. I love the office environment. Everything is very welcoming and you feel like you are part of a family.

I immediately started seeing changes in my daughter. Not only was she pooping everyday or at least every other day, she had more energy and was happier overall. She now waves and smiles to complete strangers and warms up quicker to new people. I also notice she is better at handling changes to her routines. I am just beyond thankful to Dr. Vic and Veronica! Words just cannot express my feelings of watching my daughter grow, play and laugh knowing she is not in pain and cared for by the best! I highly recommend Dr. Vic and his office!”

Shannon N.

A Fun and Positive Vibe

Thank you so much guys!

“My boys have been Dr. Vic’s patients for almost a year now, and we love coming here! The clinic itself has such a fun and positive vibe, but of course it’s the people who make it really special – Veronica, Caroline, and Dr. Vic are wonderful, so knowledgeable, attentive, and supportive. I decided to try chiropractic adjustments to help my both boys with various issues – and we saw results almost immediately: improvement in focus, listening skills, and overall better behavior in my super active boys. We even noticed that they became kinder and more thoughtful. And of course, it’s very helpful for my 6th grader whose backpack weighs a ton. We always have so much flexibility when scheduling appointments – very important for families with busy schedules. Dr. Vic also offers lots of really interesting seminars covering different topics – eating healthy, staying in shape, eliminating toxins, etc. etc. Many of them are available online – yay! Thank you so much guys!”

Shannon N.

Significant Pain Relief

I’m looking forward to more improvements as my treatments progress.

“I have suffered with lower back pain and spasms off and on for over 25 years. I’ve used every option out there from acupuncture, massage and traditional chiropractic (twist & crack) but never had any sustainable relief. Since starting my Care Plan with Dr Vic, I have significant pain relief, better flexibility and overall movement, better sleep and clarity of thought and it is just the beginning! I have every confidence in the process and I’m looking forward to more improvements as my treatments progress.”

Kathleen H.

Authentic and Genuine Kindness

I consider them to be part of my wellness family!

“Chiropractic care and office visits with Dr. Vic and Veronica have been an integral part of my path of improved wellness and health for about seven months. I decided to add Chiropractic care regularly into my life after a friend (Kristin) suggested that I go in for an initial assessment because of neck and back issues as well as an overall sense of stress, fatigue and low energy.

Dr. Vic adjusts my spine using a gentler technique, teaches (based on experience and research) and motivates me to continue the path. Each visit reminds me to keep seeking wellness and health. I am less stressed over all. I am more motivated and focused. I do not doubt that if I put into action his other recommendations I would experience even more wellness. Old habits and behaviors can be changed, and mine are slowly transforming by continuing to stay the course with Dr. Vic and to not give up if I don’t do it perfectly.

My old habits included not paying attention to what my body needed (such as rest, adjustments, healthier food). I am encouraged by Dr. Vic and Veronica to be more attentive to self-care, to prioritize my health. Because of regular chiropractic care and encouragement, my daily behaviors are shifting (slowly, but shifting) to include better choices in food and self-care, which in turn enhance my chiropractic care. They work together. I want my wellness journey to prioritize holistic approaches to care, and chiropractic has proven to be an important component of the journey.

I have also had ear pain (with fluid) and wrist pain. Dr. Vic did quick adjustments and recommended easy home care solutions for them. Both worked and are now part of my more holistic medicine cabinet (olive oil and garlic for the ear and exercise for the wrist and fingers).

I love that we review my progress over time and discuss the changes occurring. I also like that Dr. Vic and Veronica researches, reads, writes and lives out what they teach and offer. I love watching them interact with young families and older clients too. As a registered nurse with a passion for compassionate patient care, I appreciate their authentic and genuine kindness and care of their clients of all ages. I consider them to be part of my wellness family!”

Sara N.

A Holistic Approach to Wellness

I can’t recommend them highly enough.

“Years ago I injured my lower back and it has never been quite the same since. It affects how I sleep and it affects how I play with my children. A recent recurrence brought me to Dr. Vic and The Wellness Path. The journey over the last few months has gone way beyond lower back care. It is a better understanding of what the body does and why it does it. It is a holistic approach to wellness that is meant to reset the nervous system and change how the body handles stress. Yes, my back pain has diminished but the results have been much further reaching. I have all but ceased any dependence I once had upon medication. I have dramatically changed my diet, lost weight and gained more energy. My outlook has improved. Dr. Vic, Veronica and Caroline are a bright shining light on a cloudy day and I am lucky to be a part of their practice. LaGrange is lucky to have them. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Daniel B.

So Fun

I drive an hour there and an hour back, he’s that great!

“Dr. Vic, Veronica and Caroline have the BEST energy – it’s so fun getting to see them each week, it’s a highlight of my weekdays. Dr. Vic ALWAYS is a bundle of knowledge, anything I’ve ever asked him about or even brought up in conversation, he’s always gone above and beyond to give me resources, guidance, at-home techniques, anything I need. I’ve attended a few events as well, and those have been phenomenal – Dr. Vic really breaks things down into bite-sized, digestible pieces so not only can you understand them, but you can apply them in your own life. Even if you’re not local to LaGrange, this is your chiropractic office. I drive an hour there and an hour back, he’s that great!”

Misty G.

So Knowledgeable

I love that they work with children and prenatal!

“Dr. Vic is awesome, so knowledgeable and loves teaching with fact based science. The entire staff genuinely cares about their clients and spends the time to get to know you so that they can support you on your wellness path! I love that they work with children and prenatal!”

Kristen M.

Compassionate and Professional

For me, the benefit goes beyond chiropractic care.

“Dr. Vic and his crew are compassionate and professional. I’ve been coming here for 7 months and since day 1, I ALWAYS feel better, stronger, full of more energy after each visit! For me, the benefit goes beyond chiropractic care – it’s about learning how to be well and live a better life. Thanks Wellness Path!”

Negeen M.

A Place of Overall Healing

Truly there is no one better than Dr. Vic Manzo and his staff!

“I must admit to being skeptical when I first stepped into Dr. Vic’s office. I had hurt my back and needed to get back into tip top shape to continue with my Crossfit workouts. I assumed the chiropractor would do a quick fix and send me on my way. I was completely wrong, I instead found a place of overall healing and a doctor that understood my needs and goals and developed a wellness plan around them. Not to mention that the atmosphere in the office is one of serenity and friendship which can be felt from the first visit and continues throughout.

I am so glad to get into Dr. Vic’s office and get my adjustments because they not only helping my back issues but my overall health! I have never felt better! I am sleeping better (and longer), back issues are gone, I have more energy, have not been bothered by my seasonal allergies and my performance in the gym has made leaps and bounds with the few months of me starting the treatment. I am now the biggest advocate for chiropractic health and truly there is no one better than Dr. Vic Manzo and his staff!”

Susie C.
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