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Nutritional Counseling in La Grange

Healthy Heart
As so many foods that we find in supermarkets are nutritionally bankrupt, it’s important to give our bodies essential nutrients. Dr. Vic has been studying nutrition since he was 16 and is passionate about helping practice members stay healthy by eating right and taking beneficial supplements.

Weight-Loss, Improving Energy Levels, Fueling the Brain and Much More…

In the world we live in, there are so many weight-loss programs out there.  There are numerous new ones each year.  What is the problem with focusing on weight-loss?  Most of the time, when someone does a weight-loss program and change their diet, exercise regime, etc., in the beginning, they are usually only losing water and bowel movements.  You will show you may lose 10-15 pounds in a couple weeks, but how much of that is actual fat loss?

Dr. Vic offers a comprehensive nutritional coaching program where he teaches you what he has done in the past 10-15 years in the nutrition world.  He will share the tools that he utilizes on a daily basis to maximize his health, his brain health, improve overall health and keep the fat off the body.  Since he has been very successful in practicing this lifestyle for the past 10 years and continues to test new strategies all the time, he is always bring the new information to the table to make sure you are receiving the top science that exists out there.

Right now, we offer two programs that are available to the public.  The first one is Dr. Vic’s one on one coaching.  This program is designed for the person who has specific needs that need to be met and the group coaching wouldn’t be ideal for them.  Most people who choose this option have either a schedule that is not flexible, specific conditions that they want addressed in a holistic matter to help out or want the one on one interaction.

The second option we have is an 8 week online program that breaks down each week new strategies that Dr. Vic has utilized for the past 10 plus years to where it has revolutionized his life and the lives of others he has worked with.  He has experienced practice members who lost 90 pounds in over one and a half years of implementing what he taught them.  He has had another individual lose 38 pounds within 7 weeks of implementing what he has shared with them.  He even has had an individual who lost only 9 pounds in 10 weeks but through specific testing, found out over 80% of that was pure fat.  Here is what someone had to share:

“Working with Dr. Vic created a shift in my mindset was great. My energy levels were off the charts compared to before. My focus was improved and my sleep and appetite was improved as well!  This program was more than worth it.”  Jesse R.

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