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Dr. Vic Manzo

2013 – Worldwide Leading Chiropractor – IAC
2014 – Voted BEST Chiropractor in Western Suburbs
2015 – Business Leader of the Year – WSCCI
2016 – Awarded Best Under 40 – Suburban Life

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Dr. Vic is a pediatric and family wellness chiropractor and a public speaker which his passion is transformation and inspiration. In his private office, he has hosted over 80 workshops alone and has done over 100 public speaking events.

Dr. Vic is also the host and creator of Wellness Smart Radio which is a podcast that airs twice a month which focuses on mindset, headspace, health and wellness.

In 2013, he was nominated and awarded Worldwide Leading Physician and best Chiropractor in La Grange, IL by the International Association of Chiropractors. In 2014, Dr. Vic was awarded Best Chiropractor in the Western Suburbs by Suburban Life Reader’s Choice Awards. In 2015, Dr. Vic was awarded Business Leader of the Year by the West Suburban Chamber of Commerce. In 2016, he was awarded Best Under 40 in his area by Suburban Life.

Dr. Vic enjoys inspiring his patients to experiencing a well-rounded healthier life. His focus when working with patients or public speaking is how can I stimulate and inspire someone to take action today.

Dr. Vic’s private office, “The Wellness Path,” is located in downtown La Grange, IL.


“I love Dr Vic’s passion when he speaks and the truth behind every theory he says. He does his research on every fact he shares and I appreciate his honesty on sharing the truth with all of us

When I am asked why I would recommend Dr. Vic, I always ask that person if they value their body, their mind, and their spirit. The reason being is if their answer is yes, then they need to take the time to add a little bit of Dr. Vic into their life!”
Angela D.

“Dr. Vic has always inspired me whenever I have experienced challenges professionally, spiritually, relationship, and health.

He is also a very inspiring & powerful speaker and his most recent talk is a must listen for those who want to achieve their goals for 2017. I truly appreciate having Dr. Vic as coach/mentor & most importantly someone who is family to me!”
Hong L.

“Dr. Vic is not just a great chiropractor. He is an excellent teacher and wellness coach that helps you develop and improve your entire lifestyle.

He truly believes and practices a wellness lifestyle and is a fantastic positive influence.”
Brian D.

“Victor is a trustworthy individual in his field. He is a loving, spiritual man who honestly assists others to a better way of life.”
Charmaine L.
“Dr Manzo’s healing presence offers the highest quality of care to those he serves. Integrity and compassion describe part of his brilliance.”
Lizie P.
“Dr Vic is a constant source of new ideas. He inspires you to take care of your health.”
Luisa C.
“Victor is a dedicated, passionate and charismatic individual focused 100% on health and wellness. He has great attention to detail. He has helped me in establishing good eating habits, coping with stress, increasing my physical activity, as well as spiritual healing. Victor has such a positive energy that is motivating.”
Roxy G.
“Victor is an amazing human being to be around. He is always cheerful and he raises up those around him.

He is a true leader and thousands, if not millions, are waiting for him to show them how to achieve their true potential. I could not recommend him more.”
Brandon H.

“Victor Manzo is a motivated professional with the highest level of morals and ethics in business and life. He is positioning himself to make an overwhelming difference in the world, and the skill sets he possesses allows him to progress in the direction of prominent success. I highly recommend Victor as a colleague and business partner!”
Albert B.

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