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Leaves, Intelligence, and Your Health

Have you ever thought about how leaves know when to change colors?

If you have read any of my other blogs, you know that innate, or inborn, intelligence is a common theme and that we are self-maintaining and self-regulating organisms because of our innate intelligence. Well, innate intelligence does not only exist within us, it exists within every living thing, including leaves!

The innate intelligence within the leaves is able to sense the external and begin the process of changing colors with perfect timing. The same thing happens in the spring when trees and plants begin to bud. Just like plants, a human’s innate intelligence is able to sense both your internal and external environments and change all the processes going on in your body based on those environmental factors.

The key is, your nervous system has to be free of interference in order to adapt in the most efficient and correct way. As a Chiropractor, my job is to make sure your nervous system is free of interference so that this can be the case. Chiropractic care is all about increasing your body’s “adaptability factor” so that you can live your best life every single day.

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