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Intention With Exercising

Everyone knows exercise is good for us. There are many types of exercises out there from lifting weights to yoga and pilates and all of them are great. But, do you exercise with the intention of improving your brain? We tend to get habitual with our exercise routines. Here at The Wellness Path we teach intentional and mindful exercises with the end goal being to improve the function of your brain.

The standard plane that we live in is the sagittal plane. But the body and brain live in three planes which include the sagittal, coronal, and transitional (rotatory) planes. These coronal and transitional planes are important in order to get the maximal effects of exercising for your brain! We incorporate neuro-rehab with all of our practice members and give them exercises to do at home to make sure they are active in all three of these planes.

So when it comes to your next workout, focus on the intention of what you want to create and what you are really trying to improve. If you want to improve your brain, make sure to incorporate all motions and planes. If you have any questions, just let us know!

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