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Importance of Goals

With just two months left in 2019, it is time to revisit those new years resolutions and goals that you set 10 months ago! Are they still your goals? Have you kept to them? Did they evolve into new or different goals? Were they completely forgotten? Do you need to refocus going into 2020?

No matter where you may be with those goals, it is important to remember why you set those goals in the first place!

Research shows that there is a massive difference is likelihood of achieving your goals if you actually write them down. Even up close to 90% better chance that you achieve them! That’s how powerful it can be to not only set those goals but make sure that you write them down somewhere.

At The Wellness Path, we always ask every single practice member to set goals when they first come into the office and ask what they are looking to achieve by being here. We then make sure we are following up monthly on how they are doing with those goals so that we can be there to support them in any way they may need!

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