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How We Mask Things In Our Lives

What things are you doing to mask who you truly are? Are you always honest about the way you are feeling or thinking? I want to point out one way that so many of Americans are using masks without even realizing it.


When you take a medication, you are masking your symptoms. You do not have whatever symptoms it may be due to a lack of medication. You have that symptom because of some sort of dysfunction in your body. Medication is like cutting the cord to the fire alarm. The noise may stop, but the fire is still burning.

The dysfunction in your body that causes symptoms to appear is still festering in your body and if anything, the medication only adds to the fire. It is important we get to the true root cause of the symptoms and correct that dysfunction so your body can begin to heal. Your body will never create anything it does not need, so if you have symptoms, it is your body crying out for help.

It may not always be the easiest thing to do. Medications may be the easy way out. But in the long term, it is always worth it.

The answer to this dysfunction is always in your nervous system. Your nervous system runs every other system in your body and if it is running optimally, there will be no dysfunction. Once the nervous system runs into interference, dysfunction often does not happen right away, but it will eventually.

Keep your nervous system healthy by seeing your local Chiropractor and you will see the dysfunction, and thus the symptoms, slowly start to disappear.

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