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How Can Chiropractic Improve Hormone Balance?

Hormone imbalance is very common, but it is not normal.

Common symptoms of hormone imbalance include chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, headaches, irregular menstrual cycles, heavy bleeding, and acne. Many of these things are seemingly very common in society and are often treated with some sort of medication. However, how is that medication going to play a role in making sure your hormones are balanced? Hormones are often overlooked and we want to make sure that is not the case for you.

Hypothyroid in women (and men) or women taking birth control for whatever reason are guarantees that the hormones are out of balance.

Your hormones are very similar to your nervous system and the two are interconnected in many ways. Hormones play a key role in cellular function and many other key processes throughout your body just like your nervous system does. So, it is very important we make sure our hormones are balanced and that we are not missing an underlying cause to some of your health challenges.

For more information and for access to a recent webinar that Dr. Vic put on about Natural Ways to Balance Your Hormones, please reach out to us at!



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