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Holistic Solutions to Boost Your Immune System

The immune system is so complicated that it can be difficult to understand sometimes. At the root of everything you can possibly learn or know about the immune system, it is important to understand that it is basically the army of your body. Your brain and nervous system recognize that there is an intruder in your body (bacteria, virus, fungi, etc.) and send that immune system army out to attack it. Everything that happens from there is meant to happen and if you limit it, you are doing more harm than good.

If you think about the role of many of the common medicines that you may take when you are “sick,” they are entirely made to limit what the body is doing to kill off the intruders. For instance, a fever helps to kill off bacteria just as boiling water does. And a runny nose, productive cough, or diarrhea help to clear out the system and get the intruders out of there. So, you want to be careful about what you feel is helping your body while your immune system is working overtime.

At The Wellness Path, we suggest Elderberry, Vitamin D and Viracid as our immune system boosters and Colloidal Silver as our “intruder” killer. That way, we are not only attacking the bad guys but helping to give support to the good guys in our immune system as well.

For more information, tune in to our Facebook page (The Wellness Path – Chiropractic Center) on Tuesday, September 17th, at 7pm as Dr. Beau goes more in-depth about the holistic ways we suggest to improve the overall function of your immune system.

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