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Have you met our massage therapist Nicole??

If you haven’t yet, you seriously should! Massage Therapy has so many benefits that blend perfectly with Chiropractic and Nicole is the best! But don’t trust us, come find out for yourself! Below you will find a message from Nicole giving you more information about what she does and I highly suggest giving yourself or someone you love a “self-love” holiday present this year!


Hi. I’m Nicole and I am the massage therapist here at The Wellness Path. I have been a massage therapist for 20 years. I’m also a Doctor of Naprapathy, which is basically a connective tissue and pain relief specialist. I love the combination of these two disciplines because it gives me a vast array of tools to utilize on patients to get them feeling their best. In addition, I have been trained in Myofascial Release therapy and ART. I have expansive knowledge of the human body and how our postures , our jobs,habits etc. can negatively affect different muscle groups and what techniques I need to use to reinforce these areas.
My general approach to a massage is to find the areas in the patients body that feel restricted or compressed and restore them to their natural state. One of my favorite things about massage is that often times, for the patient, it is an introduction to their bodies. So many times patients say, “Wow. I didn’t even know how tight I was in that area” or ” I never realized that tightness in that area was causing the pain I’ve been feeling”. It is so rewarding to explore, discover, and restore their bodies together.
Chiropractic care and massage therapy are a perfect marriage. Chiropractors calm and restore the nervous system and massage relaxes the tissues that have been strained as a result of that nervous system being out of whack. The team here at the Wellness Path has an amazing track record of helping patients achieve so many of their health goals. Dr. Vic, Dr. Beau and I work together in constructing a tailored treatment plan for each patient that we share.
If you’d like to learn more about what massage at TWP can do for you, schedule an appointment with me and let’s begin the restoration process.


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