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Communication Leads To Healthy Relationships

miscommuniIt is vital for any relationship that communication be clear and continuous. When there are lapses in communication, there are often disagreements, negative feelings, and the relationship suffers. This is certainly the case when it comes to the relationship between your brain and your body.

Your brain and body are in constant communication via your nervous system to keep track of everything going on in both your internal and external environments and make the necessary adaptations.

Your innate intelligence gives the commands and your nervous system carry out the actions. Your spinal cord is a super communication highway so the brain always knows whats going on and it can choose what it needs to do for you to be healthy based on your environment.

Our job, as chiropractors, is just to remove the interference so that this communication highway can be clear and function optimally. Your body is smarter than any woman or man. It is self-maintaining and self-regulating. When we remove interference the body takes care of the rest. You were designed to be healthy and when communication is not optimal, this is when symptoms start to appear.

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