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Chiropractic Improves Overall Function While Boosting Your Immune System

https___www.visitthewellnesspath.com_contact-us_Immune function is one of the most exciting areas of study in chiropractic, as new research provides evidence of improved immunocompetence from spinal adjustments. These studies increasingly reveal the health benefits of addressing misalignments in the spine that cause nerve interference.

were either HIV-positive or had full-blown AIDS and were receiving medical treatment. In addition, five patients started chiropractic care. After 6 months, those not under chiropractic care suffered a decline of 7.96% in CD4 levels (and two deaths) while the group receiving chiropractic adjustments experienced a 48% increase in CD4 cell counts.

This indicates that the correction of upper cervical subluxation could improve immunocompetence. The study was originally intended to go on for one year, but after two patients in the control group died of AIDS, Dr. Grostic decided to end the study and put the surviving controls under chiropractic care.

In clinical trials monitored by the Rand Corporation and conducted at Life University, chiropractic showed great potential to boost immune function. Several other preliminary studies have also shown immune system boosting. In 1991 Patricia Brennan, Ph.D., conducted a study that demonstrated an increased immune function following a thoracic (mid-back) adjustment. Dr. Pero stated in his research that “Chiropractic patients in the study had 200 percent greater immune competence than people who had not received chiropractic, and 400 percent greater immune competence than people with cancer or another serious disease.”

Chiropractic care helps balance your immune system function and enhances its function, reaction time, adaptability and communication.

I want you to think about going into war and communication is critical to know where your soldiers are, where your attacks are going to be, who and what is where and so much more.

The nervous system is what communicates all of these things to the brain to let it know, what is going on so it can make decisions on how to respond and direct the soldiers on how to attack, what parts of the immune system need to come in and so much more.

Chiropractic improves the overall communication of the nervous system to do just that.

Another thing Chiropractic does is helps boost a part of your nervous system known as, “the Parasympathetic,” which we call, “Brake Pedal.”  This is the part of the nervous system to where the immune system is upregulated (turned on).

Chiropractic care helps the body improve the strength of the Brake Pedal system which in return, helps boost one’s immune system and this is the WHY behind why the studies above, saw the results they did with 400% increase in immune function in cancer patients and 200% increase in immune function from individuals without chronic illnesses.

Remember, your body knows what it needs to do.  The truth is, it does not need any interference.  The same goes for nature.  Nature knows what it needs to do.  It just doesn’t need any interference.  Once the interference is removed, the body will restore itself back to its optimal state and improve the overall cellular function which, in return, the side effect is, better health, vibrancy and thriving in life.

Any questions or want to get your nervous system checked to see how it is overall functioning, contact us and we be happy to set up an appointment.

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