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Chiropractic Care in La Grange

In your first two visits, we’ll explain that a subluxation is a protective mechanism of your body. It protects you from a stressful environment and world. A chiropractic adjustment allows your body to get back to its natural state as it’s developing, growing and healing instead of being in a protective, fear-based, survival mode.

The Benefits of Chiropractic

In the first couple weeks to a month of care, you will start to notice a decrease in pain or discomfort. You may also experience the following advantages of chiropractic care:

  • Better energy
  • Improved sleep
  • Enhanced focus and concentration
  • Long-term improved quality of life
  • Improved mood
  • Improved focus and concentration
Your body will be healing and responding the way it needs to in the best possible manner so it can thrive versus being stuck in survival mode.


Adjusting Techniques

The primary technique we use at The Wellness Path is called “Torque Release Technique” which is a tonal-based Chiropractic technique; it’s used to evaluate where there’s tension in the nervous system. We also use an instrument called an Integrator™, which uses light force. It’s used to relieve nerve tension and allow for the nervous system to communicate and flow the way it was naturally designed.  Our goal during the adjustment is to determine what is the least amount of work needed to gain the maximum benefit from the chiropractic adjustment.  The Chiropractors at The Wellness Path utilize a specific process to determine what your body needs at that given moment to help you evolve, adapt and perform at higher levels than you were before.  Click here for more information on the technique Dr. Vic utilizes and for more information about the specific adjusting instrument he uses.

Helping Practice Members Feel Comfortable

Even if they’re not nervous, the Chiropractors at The Wellness Path put all of their practice members at ease by showing them the instrument and making the adjustment on their hand so they can see how light force it is. “They know exactly what’s going to happen and know what I’m doing. I show them where I’m checking and explain exactly what I’m looking for.” Most people are surprised that the adjustment is quite quick and wasn’t anywhere near what they thought it would be like. Start experiencing the many benefits of chiropractic care by making an appointment today!

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