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Chiropractic and Food Allergies

Gluten. Dairy. Other food allergies? It seems like they are all becoming more common these days. How could chiropractic play a role in helping with them all?

The nervous system is the system that determines how you body responds to any external environmental factor such as foods, pollen, bacteria, etc. The nervous system also controls the immune system. The awesome thing about that is that the nervous system is also the system that is directly effected by a chiropractic adjustment!

With chiropractic care, we allow the body to realize that food is not a threat and the immune system does not need to over-react to it. With the nervous system in better balance, the immune system is also in better balance, and we often see allergies, asthma, and general sickness begin to decrease due to this balance in the body.

Struggling with food allergies, seasonal allergies, or any other systematic immune system imbalances? Give us a call!

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