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Breech Presentation in Pregnancy and Webster Technique

The chances of being pregnant and having a baby show up in a breech position are around 3-4% of all deliveries.  This number comes out to about 140,000 pregnancies in 2016.  What are the most common recommendations are usually External Version where someone will push on the stomach to attempt to shift the baby’s position in proper position for birth.  Sometimes this can be painful to the mother who is having this done and the chances of experiencing more discomfort for the mother to be.

Based from American Pregnancy, in order to have a natural vaginal birth with breech presentation are:

The following conditions are considered necessary in order to attempt a vaginal birth:

  • The baby is full-term and in the frank breech presentation
  • The baby does not show signs of distress while its heart rate is closely monitored.
  • The process of labor is smooth and steady with the cervix widening as the baby descends.
  • The health care provider estimates that the baby is not too big or the mother’s pelvis too narrow for the baby to pass safely through the birth canal.
  • Anesthesia is available and a cesarean delivery possible on short notice

Now, one option that American Pregnancy offers is Chiropractic care for breech presentations.  There is a technique called, “Webster Technique,” that is designed to help women who are pregnant and especially if they are presenting with a breeched baby.

The goal is to not turn the baby as a chiropractor does not do that.  From the article below: Completely separate from the medical ECV is the phenomena of reestablishing pelvic balance. This helps to remove tension in pelvic muscles and ligaments and through the restoration of normal biomechanics in the mother, babies optimize their positioning on their own. This is essentially what chiropractic is all about, restoring normal physiological function with gentle spinal adjustments. With no structural or neurological interference, the body has a fascinating ability to correct abnormalities, heal itself, and restore normal function.

Next time you hear about a mother who has a baby who is breeched, have them contact our office.

Chiropractic plays a vital role for a mother who is pregnant and provides optimal support for less labor time, easier pregnancy and so much more!  Click here to review the article about Chiropractic and Breech Presentation

Until next time, BE well, LIVE well, the CHOICE is yours!

Dr. Vic Manzo

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