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All Bacteria is Not Created Equal...

Probiotics are Good

Not all bacteria is bad.  Since we live in a world of duality which means there is always a polar opposite to something, that would indicate that not all bacteria is harmful.  In the US, we have become a very sterile environment with soap everywhere you can find, hand sanitizes and much more.  These do help decrease the spread of germs and bacteria but some of these soaps kill off the good bacteria on your skin that actually fights and protects you from the bad bacteria.

In and on our body, we have over 10x the amount of cells that make us up in bacteria.  That is over 750 trillion bacterial cells.  In science, we call this, “The Microbiome.”  These bacterial cells are vital for us to live life, digest food, create vitamins, help with digestion, help with mood, help with brain health and so much more.  Research is showing how important this micro biome is and why it is so important to make sure you have a healthy and vibrant micro biome.

What are things that can negatively impact your micro biome?

1. Antibiotics – it kills off all the bad bacteria but also all the good

2. Birth Control/Steroidals/Hormonal drugs

3. Glyphosphate – this is RoundUp weed killer but this is found in Genetically Modified Foods.  This chemical bioaccumulates in the body which means the more you eat of this, the more it builds up and have a negative affect on your micro biome.

4. Chlorine: summer pools, tap water, bleach

5. Fluoride: toothpaste, tap water, dentist visit

6. Coffee

7. Carbonated drinks


What are things that improve your probiotics?

1. Oral supplementation of Probiotics

2. Prebiotics – these are the good sugars that are specially what our probiotics in our body consume.

3. Fermented products – sauerkraut, kim chi, kombucha, kefir water, kefir, natto, yogurt


Why Probiotics are crucial to your health?

1. Better gut health and improved digestion

2. Enhanced immune function and cancer protection

3. Lower inflammation

4. Reduce risk for heart attack

5. Help with weight-loss

6. Protection of Bone health

7. Hormone regulation and improvement of mood


Help your friends that help you be vibrant and healthy.  Probiotics are something that is crucial for babies the moment they are born to grandma or grandpa who have earned their experience on this planet.  Any questions or for more information about which probiotics and prebiotics to consume, contact us today.

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