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Nutritional Counseling in La Grange

Healthy Heart
As so many foods that we find in supermarkets are nutritionally bankrupt, it’s important to give our bodies essential nutrients. Dr. Vic has been studying nutrition since he was 16 and is passionate about helping practice members stay healthy by eating right and taking beneficial supplements.

Morphogenic® Field Testing

If practice members have a condition like Crohn’s disease or neurological issues, we use something called Morphogenic Field Testing, which is muscle response testing. This innovative testing procedure analyzes a person’s M-field, which represents an expansion of the nervous system’s energy field. We can analyze the results of the testing to determine what your health needs are and then make recommendations about how to meet those needs through nutrition and supplements.

How Does Nutrition Complement Chiropractic Care?

If your body is not receiving the basic foundational nutrients it needs, it becomes stressed. The more you have chemical stress within your body, the more it is going to cause subluxation and miscommunication in your nervous system. That is why it is essential to give your body what it needs. Some of these supplements would be a multi-vitamin, vitamin D, balanced Omega-3 levels and good probiotic supplement.

Our nutritional counseling is focused on how efficient you are MOVING well, THINKING well and EATING well. We utilize surveys and tools to see exactly how you are moving towards wellness in these three areas.

Check out the array of nutrition products we carry in the office, as well as essential oils, teas, coffees and more!


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